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Completion Date: Sun 19 Jan 2020
The UoH GP race team needs your help to build a green race car for Hull Street Race!

A short summary of our project

The University of Hull Greenpower team (UoH GP) are raising money to fund a scratch-built car to compete within Greenpower's racing league around the country. The car will be built from aluminium and composite materials (fibreglass, carbon fibre, carbon/kevlar) and will stand as a showpiece to demonstrate the exceptional talent, the 'Low Carbon' attitude of the University, and to inspire the younger competitors in other leagues to study their STEM subjects for a potential pursuit of engineering as a career. The aim of the competition is to create a car within regulations that travels the furthest distance in the allotted time of one hour, or until battery failure - whichever comes first.

Who are we?

The UoH GP team consists of four 'Greenpower veterans' and more that are new to the process. Three of the team - Karmand Kareem, Tom Jagger and Benny Koe - are using Greenpower-related subject material for their final year project, and Chris Preston, the fourth veteran, has priceless knowledge from previous work as a mechanic that he brings to the team. Following our success last season we would like the opportunity to compete again with a car that is designed, manufactured and assembled by our very capable students, in the award-winning 'centre of excellence' on campus at the university.

Our story

Last year the UoH GP team entered the Greenpower race league to compete in Hull Street Race and at Blyton Park with a heavy steel chassis that was designed by Greenpower and made for the younger teams to have a go at assembling a simple chassis. We set the fastest lap time by a whole seven seconds at Hull Street Race, but crashed out due to a faulty steering wheel that left the car in a state that was irreparable within the remaining time of the race. Even so, the car placed 9th out of 19th due to the distance covered before the crash, despite being out of operation for 20 minutes of the race. The car was fixed and entered to a race at Blyton Park racing track where it came fourth, beaten only by scratch builds with significantly less weight from other established competitors. 

The previous year has taught us a lot and allows for application of the material learned in lectures whilst studying, due to the limited time actually available in the workshop during the duration of the course. Many of the students participating had never used the tools in a typical workshop, nor participated in any form of racing, and so Greenpower is a fantastic segue into developing those skills. The team utilised 3D printed parts, manufactured carbon fibre panels into bodywork and one student built a data logger from scratch to log the details of the car's performance for further improvement. We also helped out the community by providing support to Barnardo's and Hull City Council as they built their cars with limited experience - since we had assembled ours weeks before we had a good idea of what to do, and so we passed on our knowledge to make sure they had the best time competing with minimal issues at their races. A nose cone designed by a student was even 3D printed and supplied to Siemens Gamesa's team, an engineering business with a manufacturing plant in the local area.

The premise of Greenpower is to inspire the younger generations and the up-and-coming engineers into continuing studies into STEM subjects and engineering. It also boasts the message of being a 'Green' event, in which all the cars to compete are electric, and the race is won by whoever can cover the most distance from the energy stored in two fully charged batteries, rather than by who completes an allotted set of laps in the shortest time. The car to be built this year will be made from recycled material wherever possible - we want to fit in with the 'Low carbon' and 'Green energy' movements that Hull University is pushing forward with, and without your help, we will not be able to do so.

Where will the money go?

  • All donations will be put towards the construction of the car for UoH GP to use, and for the transport to and from events around the country.
  • If we hit our full target, the car will be constructed to the exact specification by the designer - a member of the UoH GP team. The total costs can be found below.
  • We plan to run weekly updates during the manufacture and assembly of our products, then one before and after each race we run. A final update will be made after our final race of the season, thanking everyone that helped us to reach our goal, and to overview the entire season, in video format, as well as conclusions as to what we did right and what we did wrong.

Estimated breakdown of £7,000 costs for entire season is as follows:

  • Chassis materials for construction: £1,500
  • Bodywork materials for construction: £2,000
  • Electrics materials for construction: £200
  • Travel (van hire & petrol) over total possible 12 events: £500
  • Entry fees (over total possible 12 events): £1,000
  • Racing suits and team kit for all team members: £300
  • Track hire for testing before competing: £500
  • Preparation for any potential reparations needed after races: £1,000


We don't believe in something for nothing. This is why we ask you what we can do for you, with the promise that if it is within our capabilities and beliefs we will do it. 

  • For all people and companies who donate and choose the selected reward option, you will receive a personalised 'thank you' message from the team, saying specifically what your donation has contributed towards funding and how grateful we are.
  • For anyone who donates £500+, we can offer some space on the car for a vinyl sticker to advertise a sponsorship company - Hull Street Race attracted over five thousand people last year, and we plan on travelling around the country to all the events this time. The team was also subject to extensive media coverage from both BBC Radio Humberside and Look North, as well as showcasing the car at the 'Northern Powerhouse' green energy conference on the 5th and 6th of November 2019.
  • For those people and companies who donate significantly to the cause (£1,500+), badges will be made and sewn onto every team member's kit with the company or person's name (at their discretion), and sewn into the caps we wear along with the benefits of the £500+ package. Donors will be offered a chance to meet the team during and after production of the car, with photo opportunities with the donor(s) sat in the car with the team, and invitations to join and support the team at Hull Street race in and around the pit lane.
  • All sponsors will be mentioned by name in the video following the end of the sponsorship campaign, and again at the end of the season in our recap, unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Find us here

You can find us here on Facebook, and when manufacturing begins we plan to start a YouTube channel showing the processes and progress we make. As soon as this occurs, the channel URL will be posted on our Facebook page.


Help us succeed!

  • Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.
  • Any donations in suitable materials will also help - if you have any materials or components that aren't damaged and can be used in the manufacture of our car, we'd love to take them off your hands! Just get in touch and we can discuss whether they would be useful to us in our build.
  • Please sponsor us and help make this happen. The amount we have learned over the previous season is incredible and the experience has been hugely beneficial to those who competed last year. We would love to keep the vibe going for the years to come! We really need your help!

Thanks for your time and for hopefully sharing/donating to the project. Below are some images from the previous season:

Above: Preparing the car for television coverage.

Below: Karmand testing the car prior to Hull Street race, in order to test any performance issues.

Above: The four Greenpower veterans in the transport van before the race begins.

Below: Chris giving first driver Tom a pep talk on the starting grid.

Above: The fastest lap time in red, set by the UoH GP team on their climb back up the leaderboard after an electrical fault early on.

Below: Spectators gather around the race track prior to the start of the race.

Above: Karmand teaching the kids at Barnardo's how the electrics work within the car.

Below: Driver Tom on his pursuit to climb back up the leaderboard.

Above: The heavy steel chassis once fully assembled and unmodified.

Below: Karmand and Tom with a Greenpower representative on BBC radio humberside to raise publicity for the University and event.