Face Shields for NHS/Careworkers

A project by: University of Hull


WE RAISED £31,126

from 1053 donors

Creating 2,000 face shields each day for our NHS staff who are working hard keeping us all safe
Can you help us equip our NHS and Social Care workers with essential protective equipment to keep them safe while they provide critical care and support to those suffering with COVID-19?

The University of Hull is proud to be working with a local moulding company to produce essential face shields to protect NHS staff on the frontline. Each mask can be produced for just 73p and we are distributing these free of charge to NHS hospitals.

A donation of £5 would directly pay for the production of 6 masks, and so any donation which you can spare, large or small would be very much appreicated. 100 percent of your donation will go towards the costs of the materials and tools needed to produce this life saving personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Across the UK our nurses, doctors and carers are providing the sick and the vulnerable with the very best medical care and support at a time of great need. But with a shortage of PPE, they are left extremely vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

Responding to a request from a local NHS Trust, we have taken the lead in a collaboration to support workers in the NHS and other healthcare organisations in the region and are proud to have produced over 600 face shields in just four days, which we have donated for immediate use. 

But we’re just getting started, and with your help we can achieve so much more in support of the people who are at the frontline in the fight against this terrible virus, providing daily care to our friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. 

Our staff, students and technicians have been working round the clock with our 3D printers. We have already received extremely positive feedback that our modified design is comfortable, light and easy to clean and requests for the equipment have come in throughout the UK. 

This equipment will make a huge difference – there is a demand for it, it will enable nurses, doctors and carers to provide quality care, it will enable those who are sick to see the faces of those providing that care, and it will save lives. 

Help us to ramp up production and get this equipment to the places it is needed. 


  • The only reward we can offer is to know that you've helped support our NHS and Social Care workers, ensuring that they can carry on supporting our families and friends without putting themselves and their families at further risk of infection.  

Photo above credited to the Press Association