Face Shields for NHS/Careworkers

A project by: University of Hull


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Thank you very much to all involved in making, supplying and delivering our Face Shields to protect myself and my staff against this dreadful pandemic. We wish you all well. Take care and stay safe from all at JD Service and MOT Centre Ltd.

Great Work. Thank You!

The face shields provided by the University of Hull are protecting my partner and her team of Occupational Therapists as they work closely with 'at risk' patients in adult social care, including in care home settings where there is COVID-19. These shields will help to protect them as they help some of the most vulnerable people in society -- the OT team send their heart-felt thanks to the team at Hull!

keep up the good work!

We are really grateful for the Uni supplying this service. As front line workers the masks are a huge help. They were also of a much higher quality of the small quantity we had obtained elsewhere.

Thanks for all you are doing

Thank you for taking the initiative to get this project up & running. Good luck with the work, a fabulous contribution to the crisis.

Thank you for doing this.

Here's a completely off-the-wall idea, just something to throw into a brainstorming discussion: What if you were wearing a space helmet fed with air that has passed through a HEPA filter? By a space helmet, basically I mean a plastic bubble that covers the whole head and has a flange at the base that can be tucked into clothing. There would need to be an air vent to allow air to escape, and an inlet for a supply pipe from the pump. Of course, if the pump stops, this could be kind of deadly unless opened up or removed. And it is not clear to me how much battery power would be required to run a pump or fan that would supply sufficient change of air. Having used a CPAP machine in the past, I know that such a device uses mains power, because it sure won't run on AA cells!!! As a person who is in the extremely vulnerable category such that I have to shield for 12 weeks (likely more) without even going out for daily exercise, a means to go out safely would be great. Of course such a device might not be sufficient. I have glossed over the problems of covering hands, and of safely removing the equipment on return home, and the potential need to remove and wash outer clothing. I talked to a consultant during a recent hospital visit who told me that my finding, that wearing a face mask causes shortness of breath due to re-breathing one's own exhaled CO2, is common to all mask wearers. A device that supplies fresh air and does not require a mask to be in direct contact with the wearers face could be a lot more comfortable. Visibility would be no worse than for people wearing facial visors. Just an idea to stimulate a discussion. A similar device to what I am suggesting in fact already exists for use in providing oxygen to COVID-19 patients, as I have seen in videos. But my idea is for one for use by those who have not had COVID-19 yet, and would only need to be fed normal air, not an oxygen-rich mix. Hence the potential portability.

Well done

Great inititiave

Great job! BSc(Econ) 1969-1972

Thank you for helping everyone in need of face shields. We are very grateful.

As a B.Sc. and Ph.D. Hull Uni. graduate, I'm very pleased to make a contribution. Great University and such an important cause. Neil Carr.

Amazing work. Well done

Well done guys x

Brilliant Initiative - very proud to be part of the UOH Community

Good work, happy to help

Thank you for supplying us care workers on the frontline, supporting vulnerable adults, with much needed ppe.

Happy to be supporting the university and in turn supporting the NHS. Keep up the good work, thank you.

Donated on behalf of an 80 year old gentleman JC who is shielding, keep doing your fantastic job x

As a student nurse opting in I just want to say a massive thank you to you all for working so tirelessly to make sure the NHS are safe and fully equipped to face this pandemic. I Cannot thank you enough. x

Fantastic work, keep going

You are doing a fantastic job

I'm classed as elderly so am not able to volunteer in other areas but I wanted to feel I have helped in some way.

The University of Hull holds a charitable status and can claim gift aid on various projects they fundraise for.

With my good wishes for this excellent initiative.

Have donated but have question - what is the charity it is associated with for gift aid purposes?

Keep up the fantastic work guys - well done. Tracey

A worthwhile project I hope you achieve all your target and more

Well done and thank you

Congratulations - good to see the old alma mater doing its bit when it really counts!

Great work. Keep it up.

Thanks for giving us the privilege of contributing to the NHS. Any opportunity to serve our national heroes should be grabbed with open hands.

Keep up the good work. Support the NHS.

Great work!

Keep up the good work guys!

Thank you for sending the video link, we will certainly pass it on. We graduated in 1965. I was a member of H.U.S.S.O and studying History, my husband in the Chemistry dept. We both came back for the celebrations during the Year of Culture, and were very impressed with the new medical centre and everything that we saw. It's great to see Hull students following the tradition of supporting the community. Judy and Howard Chan

Pledged because we can't rely upon the scandalously incompetent government to protect front line NHS and Care staff, I would happy to fund a guillotine for messrs. Raab, Hancock, Johnson, Cummins.

Great cause in these difficult times, and very pleased to donate (1979 graduate).

Well worth supporting. It's surely the least we can do,.

Keep up the great work!

Brilliant initiative, proud of all you're doing, thank you.

Well done Hull University for this great initiative. Good luck.

Fantastic cause. Thank you everyone.

So glad to be able to contribute to this as a former Hull student and support such great work to help our medical and care workers.

Many thanks for all your great work on this project!

Well done to all of you who are trying to save lives during this awful pandemic!

I received 10 face shields for my place of work. Thank you so much, keep up the good work

Amazing work - very proud of you all, Karen

Great work Brian. Very proud of what you’re doing! Lots of love from Jono, Jody, Sam and Alice

Well done to all involved in this important work

Brilliant work, much needed.

An amazing effort by the wonderful Faculty of Science and Engineering to help support our frontline heroes in the NHS. Keep up the good work from all at Hull University Formula Student!

Great work

Well done, good luck

Proud to support my University's efforts at these challenging times. A very worthy cause indeed.

Thank you to all our key workers for everything your doing and to Hull Uni for giving their time and resources to do this.

well done with this cooperat

Well done for doing this vital work.

Really proud of everyone who is doing this fantastic work!

Good initiative my daughter works in icu at Cottingham. I am curious to know if they meet EN ISO requirements? Again, good initiative

Fantastic initiative. You should all be very proud of this and well done on your creativity.

The work you are doing is fantastic, thank you

Thank you all SO much 🙏🏻

Pleased to donate...keep up the good work

Sorry happy to donate - this is vital but angry the government has failed the nhs again

A great idea and something I’m happy to subscribe to.

Fantastic Support to our hard working health services.

Great work!!!!

Brilliant work! Keep going.

Excellent cause good luck

Worthwhile cause

Amazing 🙌🙌

A huge well to everyone!

Great initiative!

When I chose to scan my credit card, a completely different credit card number to mine appeared in the box. Perhaps the image was slightly out of focus but I hope random people's accounts are not likely to be deducted in error. I entered my details manually, but perhaps this scan facility needs some adjustment.

Great Idea - our daughter is a Senior Research Nurse in Intensive Care at UHW in Cardiff so we know how very important these devices are.

I wish you every success with this project and for the future. The University of Hull has a vital role in the region.

Thanks for your brilliant efforts

...very best of luck with the project!

Well done everyone great work

Keep up the good work and thank you for your hard work and commitment in keeping our NHS safe.

My best wishes are with all who are involved with this vital project. Be strong and be safe.

Good luck and thank you.

I graduated in1968. Well understand this may not be practicable but if it would be possible to have any updates on Heather Lancaster, Brian Cox, Jane White, or Alan Pound who all graduated in that year that would be great. This....in such busy and difficult times may well be far too big an ask. Respect for all you are doing. We ‘ baby boomers’ had an easy ride and have a lot to answer for! Best wishes - Jon Rake.

Respect, admiration and acknowledgement of the skill and bravery shown by all those helping others at this time. Good luck to you all and thank-you.

Thank you for what you are doing to help the NHS

Amazing work guys. You should be very proud of what you are doing. Thank you for keeping the NHS and Careworkers safe. We all appreciate it very much.

The thought of Producing Face Shields for NHS/Careworkers risking their lives and working very hard at this difficult time to save other people's lives, to me, is a good idea that must be implemented. Therefore, I am donating this money to support this worthy cause that needs to be emolated.

Well done for providing these essential shields.

Good work guys. Proud to be a University of Hull alumnus.

We should have well human being and cooperation in this moment. Only our belongingness and or togetherness by heart will only help us to make us stronger. All the best to everyone and God Bless U... Venkatachalam Govindan S.ID# 6934482

Very grateful for what you are doing.

Everyone go donate to help provide PPE for NHS workers

Well done, keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for doing this.

Let’s make our NHS staff feel safe!

Thank you for what you are doing, it will be greatly appreciated by the recipients.

Thank you for your brilliant work!

A huge thank you to all the NHS workers and care workers for their selfless help and support in trying to combat this recent pandemic. We salute your bravery and commitment. I hope everyone will soon have the full protective face shields that they need. Am honoured to support this initiative and hope my small contribution will soon be converted into the vital equipment you need and deserve. Thank you to you all again.

Great effort !

Keep safe and be strong. We will beat it!

Brilliant initiative. Well done to all involved. Kay

Good Luck with it all

Thank you for the opportunity to donate to a worthwhile NHS-based cause. Keep up the good work and good luck with meeting your target

Well done everyone for taking on the this amazing initiative! You are making a difference. Keep up the good work!

Grateful to so many putting others before themselves and for their enterprise, intelligence and energy being put to such good effect.

A fantastic effort. Well done!

May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Wonderful people, hope you all understand how grateful the public are for all of your efforts in helping the NHS at this difficult time.

I'm very pleased to know that my old alma mater is contributing to the current health emergency

Proud to support you with this wonderful project helping to protect all those on the front line.

Keep safe everyone,

Thanks for keeping our NHS workers safe.

Worthy cause....

If we all help a little we can all help a lot 😘

Good work, keep it up!

A wonderful effort by my old University, keep up the good work and stay safe!

Thank you for helping our to keep our amazing NHS workers, Careworkers and their families safe at this critical time

Keep up the good work.

Great news that Hull University is getting involved so pro-actively. Lack of PPE for front-line key workers is such a worry. Keep up the good work. Thank you to all students and staff involved in this project.

Delighted to support such an amazing cause.

Ecellent project.

God bless The NHS

Great work Guys. Bless you all. Keep safe.

I did have some experience of Hull Royal Infirmary while I was there, thanks to their assistance I walked away healthy into a clear blue sunny day, and I can still remember that feeling of relief... All the very best to those on the front line...

Great work glad to help NHS ❤️

This is a fantastic example of how our community is working together during this crisis.

Well done to all fantastic cause . Happy to donate.

The more we all help, the saver our NHS and community will be.

This is life saving for those brave NHS and care workers . You guys in Engineering are inspirational

raise the target!

Happy to donate to make sure our frontline staff are protected and to show my appreciation

Thank you for your hard work and initiative towards a worthy cause.

Thank you for your amazing effort and hard work xx Sarah Barley

Great work guys, well done! Stuart C

Good luck

Brilliant. Keep up the excellent work, it really will make an amazing difference

Great work!!!

Best of luck with this project. I hope these masks can be issued asap. I know of the nurse who is suffering at the moment and could have really benefited from PPE like this.

Proud to see Hull University leading on this. Happy to support it and the NHS.

Great initiative! Thank you for all your hard work

Good luck with your great project thanks

All the very best to everyone involved on the front line of this (inter)national crisis.

I am very pleased at 79 years of age to make a small but useful contribution.

Excellent project for Alumni to fund and good luck with the fundraising.

Well done Hull team x

Thank you NHS and Social Care

You are doing an AMZING AWESOME job. I am super proud and proud to have been a student at The University of Hull.

Least my wife and I could do. We're Hull graduates and proud of it

Anything to help these fantastic people who are putting their own lives at risk to provide care and support for a job that they love x

So proud of the University doing its best to keep the NHS and key workers safe in this dreadful time when we’re relying on them to keep us alive.

Please support my university mass-producing face masks for the NHS with a donation,small or large.

Great work Nathan and the team at Hull Uni

I have worked in the world of health since 1988 and so i am happy to help. By the way if there is any ex philosophy student reading this who graduated from Hull in 1976 it would be lovely to hear from you: shirleyjonesfru@hotmail.co.uk

A good initiative by Hull University and happy to support.

A good initiative by Hull University and happy to support it.

Go Hull uni!!!!

Thank you for your work on this great initiative!

Great work everyone. Xxx


Well done everyone! Keep going!

When initiative, technology and compassion join forces - incredible results are delivered. Amazing work guys, you’re literally life savers. I’m so proud to be a part of this machine. Well done.

Well done to everyone of you making these for our NHS and care settings.

A great project - thank you