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Completion Date: Sat 30 Nov 2019
Help Hull Uni Badminton club take down the financial barriers to participation!

Help HUBC to help its members!

We are Hull University Badminton Club, and our members need your help!

We are raising to provide a fund for our players to subsidise travel throughout next years season in the Hull and District Local League.

For BUCS away games, the Athletic Union subsidises 50% of our travel. Even with this subsidy, BUCS players will spend a total of about £1900 on travel for the season. 

As a club, we annually enter 4 teams into the Hull and District local league, 2 Mixed teams and 2 level doubles teams. Whilst we play our home games at the University, and several clubs play within walking distance for the players, some games we play place serious financial pressure on the players, and us students are famous for not having the fattest wallets! For example, in a match away at Goole, the taxi bill came to about £90; meaning each player had to pay about £15 each just for playing a match.

With your support, we aim to offer our players a 50% subsidy on Local league travel to reduce the financial pressure playing regularly places on them.

Who are we?

We were one of the original members when the Hull University Athletic Union was founded in 1949, and we are currently the largest mixed Sports team at the University. 

From a personal perspective, the Badminton club has been a huge part of my university experience, and it has given me friends and memories for life. 

The playing standard of our members varies, from county through to beginner, and we are proud to cater for all, regardless of ability.

''Starting at the uni last year was daunting! I wanted to make friends outside of those who I was living with. I have never been a particularly sporting person, but coming to uni, I wanted to be more active. Joining Badminton has helped me achieve both these goals. As a social player, I have opportunity to train my skills whilst simultaneously making new friends. It has given me a second family here at uni''- Philippa Armstrong, Secretary 2019/2020

Why fund us?

We believe the process will open up the possibility of competing in our local league teams to all members, and ensure they will not be put off playing for a team, or attempting to push for selection. 

A member this year, who regularly plays and competes in National competition, was unable to travel to away games due to the financial pressures that were present due to the cost of travelling to away matches. As he was one of our stronger players, his absence would have made us stronger (on paper anyway!). It wouldn't have turned us into league champions by any stretch, but the fact a player was missing fixtures due to financial pressures was not something we as a club felt was something we could look at in the immediate future.

Where will the money go

If we achieve our target, we estimate the money raised will be able to subsidise local league travel for our players for at least  seasons, if not more. The breakdown of the cost of a return trip to each venue we play at is below:

Beverley- £28

Beverley Beavers-£30



South Cave-£40

South Hunsley-£32

Total- £242

This is to go alongside the cost of away travel to compete in BUCS leagues.

Therefore, taking half of this total, £121, means that if we reach our target of £500, we should be able to take the financial pressure of our members potentially for the next 4 years. This would mean that a player could do an undergraduate degree, as well as a post graduate qualification, and throughout their entire university career, would only have to pay half of what they would usually have to. 

If we are to raise more than our target amount, we would put the money towards paying for court hire and shuttles to allow us to play in our home BUCs/Local league fixtures.

We will provide weekly updates to our progress to keep you informed as to how we are doing!

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