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A short summary of your project

We are aiming to raise £3400 for HUSSO Appropriate Adults to receive mental health first aid training. We think that this will be very important as not only will it benefit those that we work with in custody, but also help to improve our own personal skills.

Who are you?

HUSSO Appropriate Adults are a student led volunteer group that work alongside Humberside Police. Our role as appropriate adults is to accompany vulnerable adults being detained during the custody process and make sure that they understand the process and have their needs met. 

Your story

This scheme is the first of its kind to be led by a student union in the UK. Currently there is no legislation requiring the council to send appropriate adults to vulnerable adult detainees (unlike for children). Therefore, vulnerable adults are often overlooked and don't receive the support that they need. Our project leader noticed this and worked with the Student Union, HUSSO and Crime Commissioner to fill this gap.  

The project started up in 2018 with only 9 volunteers, we have since grown to a membership of over 50 people. Due to our hard work we provide a free Appropriate Adults for vulnerable adults in Hull which has saved the police over £11,000 of public money on private providers. 

We have been given extensive training such as adult safeguarding and appropriate adult training, however due to the nature of our role and the current climate we feel that mental health first aid training would be extremely beneficial to the vulnerable adults. We have contact with individuals who experience mental health problems on a daily basis. Often symptoms can be worsened due to the stress and anxiety of being in custody. As we are able to talk one-to-one with detainees, we can use this time to offer support and reduce their feelings of distress, improving their wellbeing and taking some pressure off the custody staff.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards giving 16 volunteers Mental health first aid training which will cost £200 per person. 

Find us here

You can find us on the Hull Student Union HUSSO Facebook page and website.

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