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Help us raise funds for set for the Gilbert & Sullivan Society's March show, "Tea Spilled at No.15"

A short summary of your project

HUGSS - Hull Uni's oldest, award-winning society - are fundraising for new set pieces for our 2020 Gilbert & Sullivan production.

Who are you?

HUGSS is the oldest society at Hull University who put on annual shows that were originally written and produced by Sir Arthur Sullivan and Sir W.S. Gilbert in the 1800s. Annually, we put on a Spring production and spend our summers competing at The International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, where we have won multiple awards over the years, including the Special Adjudicator's Award in Aug 2019!

Your story

This year we are putting on a 3-in-1 production of Allow Me To Explain, Cox & Box and Trial By Jury, but set in a student house! It's a new and innovative take on the classic Victorian operettas which should entice both new students and traditionalists to HUGSS' biggest show to date!

Where will the money go?

As the show is our most ambitious yet - located in a modern day student house - we need a brand new set which our traditional painted backdrops won't fit, so that's where you come in! We'd like to ask you to help us raise funds to buy our materials which you can see as our set in our final show in March. The more we raise, the more extravagant our show! You can't have a student kitchen without a kettle...

The set we are planning to acquire includes:

  • Living room and kitchen props (kitchen utensils - £10, 2nd hand electricals, eg. kettle, landline - £30, decor - £10)
  • Backdrop canvas (£50) and media (eg. tester paints - £10)
  • Additional props and set (£25 - smaller props and details)


All sponsors will be recognised in our supporters' shout-out page in the show's programme. Please make sure you contact us (Facebook/email) if you wish to be specifically named as we have to protect your personal data!

follow us

You'll be able to follow our fundraising, rehearsal and set-building progress on our Facebook page,, all the way up to our first show night.

Help us succeed!

Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog and make sure you get your tickets to see the final product, aided by your generosity.