Endometriosis Research

A project by: Barbara Guinn


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In memory of my mum, Pauline Pritchard.

From the sale of plants snd pictures

We have collected this money from the sale of bags in Bay Gallery, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. It is a great project that will help ease ladies suffering from this condition.

Apologies if I haven't thanked you personally for your donation, this site is somewhat baffling me and I haven't worked out how to contact supporters through it. Of course, if you want to contact me, please do so. B.Guinn@hull.ac.uk

Thank you for all your support Kevin. I know the endometriosis patients love you and I can't wait to start the analysis of patient urine to see whether we have in fact found a new biomarker for the earlier detection of endometriosis.

It’s a great project and could change the way we manage this condition

Good luck!