Together we can end modern slavery

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ACTion to end modern slavery

To inform and educate people to use the law, so that together we can end modern slavery.

The Wilberforce Institute is seeking to spread expertise in applying the Modern Slavery Act 2015, to end the criminal activities of people exploitation. This initiative will raise awareness of, and compliance with, UK legislation ensuring it is better understood and enforced. Sharing the motives and ambitions of 19th century abolitionists, we will inform and educate professionals to apply the law, so that it is used to investigate, prosecute and protect.  

While the Act has impact, modern slavery and people trafficking is big business in the UK, and growing fast. Getting to grips with this complex legislation is challenging and needs additional expertise within the justice system, as well as insight and support for those working to de-criminalise victims. 

People can be trafficked and exploited in many ways, including being forced into work, begging, crime or sexual exploitation. This initiative aims to enable more of us to identify and deal with people exploitation. We firmly believe that together we can end modern slavery before 2033, two hundred years after the Slavery Abolition Act was passed.                                                               

The Wilberforce Institute, in an initiative funded by Hull Alumni and supported by the University of Hull, will use its considerable experience in developing research on modern slavery and establishing networks of common interest.    

When the Modern Slavery Act is fully enforced, those who knowingly, or through ignorance, maintain slavery should receive substantial fines, institutions will be shamed, and modern slavers sent to prison. Victims of trafficking will receive better support and protection through improvements in the justice system.  

The first step is to link together lawyers and other professionals in a hub which will provide support and expertise. The next step is to develop virtual learning courses and other activities to expand capacity to implement the Modern Slavery Act. 

'you may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know'  william wilberforce

how you can help

We need £15,000 for phase one, this will allow us to create a website and recruit a part-time member of staff to begin work. The additional £30,000 (phase two) will allow us to run the project for a full year sharing our expertise and to educate professionals to apply the law, so that it is used to investigate, prosecute and protect.  

Without your urgent action this project cannot commence, so we are asking you if you can donate as soon as possible and be a part of this journey.

Along with your donation please share this project with your own family, friends and colleagues to help us reach as many people as possible as we celebrate the work of the Wilberforce Institute and their efforts to stamp out modern day slavery. If you would like to discuss this project in more detail please email

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