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We are the University of Hull LINKS St John Ambulance Society. Help us now to raise up to £2000 for new digital radio handsets to enable us to continue providing life saving care at events.

our society.

We are Hull LINKS, an operational unit of St John Ambulance, working out of the University of Hull. We provide first aid cover for the university and local community. We have been an operational unit since 1991, that is 28 years providing treatment and training to thousands of people. We are passionate about raising awareness of first aid and its importance.

Now we need your help! Fund our project to update our old, ancient analogue radios to new, reliable digital radios. This will mean we can offer a safer, higher quality service and you will support the work we do for years to come.

OUR Story.

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As a society we meet at least once a week for regular training to enhance our first aid skills. These events cover a range of things from CPR skills and general first aid to more specialised training such as radio communication training, evacuation chair training and major incident training.

Hull LINKS also volunteer their time and abilities at a number of regular events on campus, such as Asylum nights and sporting events, British Science Festival and End of Year Ball. We also cover events regularly in Hull and the surrounding area, including high profile sports events at KCOM Stadium, Hull Pride and Hull Fair.

We also head to events further afield such as London Marathon, Liverpool Tall Ships and the Great North Run.

These events give our volunteers the opportunity to experience delivering first aid at large scale events and the chance to work with other regions and districts to provide care and treatment.   

Hull LINKS is a student Unit, all members are current students at the University of Hull who give up their time and skills to volunteer alongside their degree.

Throughout our years as a unit we have gained a range of equipment and resources to help us deliver an effective service and treatment to patients that need us. An important part of this Equipment is Radio's which ensure good communication between all team members on events.   

Where will the money go?

Our radios have changed a lot over the years, our first radio's were hand me downs from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service which were updated with newer hand me down analogue radios which we received around a year ago but are over 6 years old.

As you can probably tell technology had changed a lot in the last 6 years and with a widespread move from analogue to digital our radios are no longer fit for purpose. The environments our volunteers have to work vary from often loud, crowded events such as nighclubs to wide open events spread over campus such as Varsity and the British Science Festival.

Breakdown of costs:

  • 1 Basic Digital Handheld Radio including 1 charger = £265 approx
  • 1 Advanced Digital Handheld Radio including 1 charger = £330 approx 
  • 1 Six way multi charging station base = £299 approx 

Any additional funding will be used to cover the cost of equipment and resources for our weekly training sessions to keep our volunteers well trained and experienced.


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